How Google Apps Can Make Your Classroom More Productive

As the access to technology continues to expand, students have gained more access to it both in the home and in the classroom. There are many services online like Internet Marketing Team that can allow you to connect with your students over the internet. Many schools have introduced laptops and tablets into the classroom, giving each student access. The key here is to find how to benefit the most from the idea of the connected classroom. Google Apps makes this very easy.

education_home_canvasOne of the most commonly taught skills in the classroom is how to write. Everyone needs to know how to write to become a successful employee, and Google Docs can help with teaching students how to write. Have you ever wanted to be able to share a sample writing with the classroom and proofread it as a class With Google Docs, you can create a writing sample and then share it with your students. Depending on how you control your sharing settings, your students will be able to make comments on it or edit it as a class. Another use of Google Docs in the classroom would be to have each student do their writing in Google Docs and share them with you. You could then make your corrections, add comments, and send it back to the student. This allows writing projects to be paperless and easier for you as the teacher to manage.

Often when a teacher wants to show a presentation in the classroom, they will print out copies of it for each student so they can make notes. This requires many sheets of paper, and students may not have the room they need to write all the notes they want. By creating the document in Google Slides and then sharing a copy with each student, you can save paper while giving each student a digital copy of the presentation that they can make notes on.

Have you ever been frustrated when students forget to turn in assignments or forget about an upcoming quiz or test No matter how many verbal reminders you give, theres always going to be the students that will likely not remember. By creating a Google Calendar for your classroom and sharing it with all your students, each student can get reminders sent to them via email or notification on their phone. This way you can give each student a reminder, so they are less likely to forget.

Depending on how you setup Google Apps for your classroom, it will either be free or come at a fee. If you have each student use their own personal Google account then it will be free. However, if you want each student to have a Google account that you set up, there may be a cost associated. Luckily, if you call Google Apps, you may be able to get a Google Apps discount. You could also search the internet for a Google Apps coupon code or a Google Apps for work promo code, depending on what version of Google Apps you want to use. Also, if your school already has the web hosting account, you may be able to get a promo code that way.

If you are looking to connect your classroom, Google Apps is one of the easiest ways to get started in this. Most people already have a Google account and will be familiar with the interface, which means less time spent teaching them how to use it, and more time spent learning. Take the time to try out Google Apps, it may just be the solution you’ve been needing.